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Our Technology

Our Technology

We are committed to closing your transaction safely and securely. Our easy-to-use cutting-edge technology and security advancements allow us to deliver best-in-class title and settlement services at lightning speed without sacrificing security or accuracy. Our technology systems facilitate a safe and convenient solution for closings, wherever you are.


We offer a unique suite of flexible tools and software:


Bank Shot

Bank Shot is a mobile app allowing for convenient, compliant, and safe depositing of earnest money deposits. Bank Shot is the only electronic check solution that enables the account holder to review each check prior to depositing, with its stoplight process of depositing on green, holding on orange, and rejecting checks on red, the latter being the equivalent of a check torn up or never presented. This assures that no transaction takes place until the account holder decides to move forward with the deposit. At the moment the deposit is initiated, all parties receive an electronic receipt verifying the date and time of deposit. The patented technology ensures that the customer has complete control of the deposit from start to finish, with the ability to track and receive quick updates to have peace of mind. It’s that simple!


Fraud is scary. Wiring funds shouldn’t be. Vital Title protects you from wire fraud by using CertifID, a technology solution to securely exchange wiring information and guarantee your transaction up to $1,000,000. By validating the payor’s identity and receipt of wiring details, CertifID allows for the secure sharing of wiring information, completely eliminating the risk of wire fraud and giving you confidence that each transaction is guaranteed.


Notarize provides eSign and online notarization services for closings so you can sign notarized documents from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, anywhere around the world, 24/7! Notarize’s error validation software prevents incomplete or inaccurate signings with bank-grade verification measures. Notarize uses a proprietary, patent-pending forensic analysis to verify government issued identification and connects you with a live licensed notary agent to confirm your identity, witness your signature, and assist you through the closing process. Close your deal with ease using the most cutting-edge security software on the market.

Insurance Production Software

Our insurance production software is the most customizable software in the industry, with the ability to customize down to very specific customer requests that might appear in each transaction. Our technology makes our customers’ lives easier when buying and selling real estate, providing a better closing experience for you, and reducing the window of error.